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Zonders Trading Company is well-known in Great Britain, being a major player in the market for various commodities, including rare-earth metals. Supply and demand at the commodity market is predetermined by demand of the industry in one or another kind of raw materials, therefore, in the process of trading operations, we always take into account actual trends in the global economy.

Despite high continuous demand in metals, oil, petroleum refined products, coal and other mineral deposits, there is still a certain risk inherent to investments into this field as well as any other kinds of activities. Therefore, while making an investment portfolio, we remember about risk diversification reasonably redistributing the funds received from investors into different sectors of the economy. At present Zonders is the representative of the largest mining companies, concluding contracts for the supply of raw materials for the needs of power, machine engineering, metallurgical and other branches of industry.

We are striving for minimization of risks and sustainable profit making, which can't be achieved without careful analysis of the on-going processes in the global economy or without developing effective trading strategies and clever use of the capital.

Our success is secured by well-coordinated work of a big team of experts (economists, analysts, traders) whose interaction leads to the efficient operation of the whole company.

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Profitability of this line of business for a private investor is obvious: significant changes in prices for raw materials over a long historical period prove the prospects of such a trade. Moreover, investing in raw materials doesn't mean direct acquisition related to the necessity to search for a buyer.

All trading transactions are concluded directly at the International Exchange and their outcome and amount of profit depend exclusively on the professionalism of the team of traders.

Long-term benefits of investments into our Company are explained by the fact that the commodity market itself is a huge opportunity to increase capital, and even small investments in this sector bring our partners a steadily growing profit.

Immediately after the registration and opening of the deposit, your investments are accumulated on the Company's general accounts and involved in trading deals, that is, from the very first minutes of our cooperation, your money starts working to obtain the desired result. Later the income is distributed among investors according to the terms of the contract.

Our trading strategies provide for any development of the situation on the market, which enables us to react swiftly to price fluctuations and as a result, the overall indicator of the trading process efficiency increases.