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Your money are insured!

Zonders Company has signed an investment insurance contract with the largest insurance company in the world.

Zonders Company is an investment project, one of the main tasks of which is a comprehensive risk minimization strategy, including by insuring investors' deposits.

Inside our system, we use the most advanced innovative technologies to create a comfortable environment for customers and maximize the security of financial transactions. For many months, our professional traders provide consistently high returns for the company and investors. However, there are external risk factors and force majeure that do not depend on the actions of the Zonders team.


To increase the safety of deposits and to protect the financial interests of our investors, Zonders Company has entered into a category A contract for $78,000,000 with the insurance company.

Under the investment insurance contract, the Insurer undertakes to reimburse Zonders LTD investors and companies for losses incurred as a result of this event upon the occurrence of the event provided for in the contract due to non-receipt of expected income within the contractual amount of the insured amount.

The object of insurance is the property, financial interests of the Insured Zonders LTD and its investors, associated with possible losses (loss of investments, profits, additional expenses, etc.) when they carry out investment activities as a result of one or more of the following events:

  1. Expropriation - legislative and/or administrative action of the state body of the investment country, limiting or depriving the Insured Zonders LTD of property rights in relation to the insurance object, including acts of expropriation, nationalization, confiscation, restriction of ownership for a period of at least 6 (six) months;
  2. War, civil unrest, mass disorder in the country of investment;
  3. Unforeseen action of the state body of the country of investment, preventing for at least 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days, unless a different period is specified in the insurance contract, conversion into freely convertible currency and transfer of invested capital from the country of investment to the investor.
  4. Bankruptcy of Zonders LTD.
  5. An event that occurred during the period of investment of specific projects and occurred as a result of bankruptcy of enterprises and organizations that are confirmed by a court or other procedure provided for by the legislation of the country of investment.

The insured event is the fact of occurrence of one or several insurance events determined by the Agreement and causing loss to the Insured Zonders LTD and its investors with the onset of which the obligation Insurer to make an insurance payment arises.

The insurer provides the Policyholder of Zonders LTD and its investors with insurance protection in the event of the occurrence of the events stipulated in the Contract, which resulted in:

  1. Losses associated with the loss of property, financial values used by the Insured Zonders LTD as an investment;
  2. Loss of income (additional expenses) in the process of implementation of the investment project Zonders LTD;
  3. Additional costs to clarify the circumstances and degree of guilt of the Insured Zonders LTD, as well as to reduce losses caused by the insured event;
  4. Legal expenses incurred by the Insured by Zonders LTD.

The insurance contract comes into effect and becomes mandatory for the parties from the moment of signing on May 29, 2019.

Now, earning on the Zonders platform, you can be absolutely sure that your funds invested in our project will be reimbursed upon the occurrence of the insured event. The safety of your deposits is guaranteed by the largest insurance company in the world.

The Zonders project is the absolute leader in the industry for the duration of stable operation and uninterrupted interest accrual to system users. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of investors from different countries. This success is primarily due to the high degree of responsibility of the Zonders team and concern for the safety of our customers. The combination of guaranteed high profitability, minimal risks and maximum comfort for earnings, makes our project unique and popular all over the world.

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