bonus system Z-Points for partners

How does the bonus program work?

Our investors' deposits are subject to constant changes as the investors replenish them, receive profit and referral accruals, withdraw funds or reinvest them in a project. Zonders encourages each such action, apart from money withdrawal, with accruals of Z-Points, an internal currency that influences your level in the system.

What are these levels for? Each level contains a special bonus allowing you to get an extra income. Starting with the first level, each project participant will get extra money, accrued as interests to the deposit, referral payments and reinvested amounts of money in addition to accruals of Z-Points. Moreover, transition to the new level is encouraged with a one-time accrual of a certain amount of Z-Points, so that you can gain points faster to achieve the next level.

Starting from the 5th level you will have one more income source – payments from the 4th referral line. As you may already know, our referral program envisages obtaining a partner remuneration from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd referral line, however, the 5th level allows you to receive benefit from the 4th line as well. Please, keep in mind that the amount of such income still grows with each next level!

Besides, the 5th and 6th levels will bring you a one-time remuneration such as deposit replenishment with 50 US dollars (for the 5th level) and 100 USD (for the 6th level) respectively. The Company will celebrate your transition to the 7th and subsequent levels together with you by opening an additional deposit in your name with a considerable amount of money.

Should you reach the last 9th level, you will gain access to instant withdrawal (instant transfer of money to your e-wallet) and even an early withdrawal of deposit money in addition to all above bonuses.

Find out the attractiveness and efficiency of our bonus program, start earning Z-Points and conquer one level after another, achieving the best results in your investment activity!

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What are Z-Points for?

Zonders gives its clients the unique opportunity of passive income. The internal currency Z-Points increases its amount as it is accrued to each project participant for performing a certain scope of activities. The more Z-Points you have at your account, the more bonuses you are awarded with by the Company.

What can be done to ensure accrual of Z-Points as often as possible? The number and frequency of points crediting depends on various factors. For example, when you make a deposit, the corresponding amount of Z-Points will be immediately credited to your personal account. Gained a profit to your deposit? We will add to it a bonus of Z-points. Got referral payments? An instant Z-Points crediting will follow.

The exchange rate of our currency is $1 = 1 Z-Points, so you can easily calculate how much you will get from the Company this way or another. That is, if you replenish a deposit with 100 USD, you will receive exactly 100 Z-Points. When you return a deposit with accrued interest or when you receive money from the referral program, your virtual account will also be replenished with corresponding accruals.

What else is the internal currency for?

It helps us to track participants' activity and encourage them with points that allow them to transit to a new profit level. When you reach a certain amount of Z-Points, your status in the project will change, and as a result the amount of your income will grow. It's that simple!