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Get a gift for the New Year: + 7% to the amount of the deposit on the plans 122%, 156%, 170%, 350%, and + 3% to the amount of the deposit on the plan 106%

Dec 31, 2018 10:02

Dear investors!

Congratulations on the New Year 2019!
The way you celebrate the New Year, the way you will spend it. This sign is not only a magical mystical meaning, but also has a rational practical value. Everything we do on the first day and on the eve of the New Year determines what the coming year will be for us. Investing in a successful project that has proven its reliability, on which investors have already earned more than $ 5,9 million, is the key to obtaining a stable high income in the New Year.
The Zonders team congratulates you on the occasion of a happy New Year, shares its success and gives you the opportunity to increase your profits and multiply your capital many times.
When you open each deposit on the plans of 122%, 156%, 170% and 350%, you will receive + 7% to the amount of your deposit, and + 3% to the amount of your deposit on the plan 106%.
The promotion is valid 48 hours from 13.00 December 31, 2018 to 13.00 January 2, 2019 GMT
New Year holidays in the Zonders.pro company will be from December 31 to January 4.
Now lay the foundation of your well-being for the whole of 2019 at the most favorable conditions. Get passive income and the highest interest on deposits with Zonders, be happy and live in prosperity!
Happy New Year!