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A new trader - Zonders cat, has appeared in the London office of the company.

Feb 26, 2019 12:14

Dear investors!

An unusual red-haired employee has appeared in our company. The cat of one of our company's traders temporarily moved to the London office.
The whole team quickly appreciated the high professional training of the red trader and assigned him the honorary name - Golden Zonders.
Zonders Trader has immediately joined the work. His responsibilities include monitoring the behavior of bulls and bears in the market and tracking price movements in the testimony of stock charts. The red-haired trader perfectly reads the price patterns displayed on the monitor screens. His short "mur-meow" means the appearance of a model for the continuation of the trend, and a loud clear "meow" reports the occurrence of a fracture model.
The personal contribution of the Zonders cat to the generation of profits has already given positive results. There has been a dramatic improvement in the mood of the whole team, an increase in overall efficiency, an increase in the number of successful transactions, and a significant increase in the income of the company and all our partners and investors.
Join the successful team of Zonders, and you will be provided with a great mood, high passive income and growth of your well-being!
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