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Get + 5% to the amount of the deposit on the plans of 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%

Apr 11, 2019 10:46

Dear investors!

Last week, oil prices showed steady growth and reached a peak of their level in 2019, while Brent crude touched $ 70.03 per barrel, which is the highest figure since November 2018.
Despite Friday's rebound to the previous day, the main futures contracts were calculated for weekly profit taking into account the growing geopolitical risks.
As a result of trading in futures contracts for oil over the past week, our team of traders earned a significant profit for the company.
We are pleased to announce that we continue to follow the established tradition and distribute part of the profit among our investors.
Take the opportunity to further increase revenue and get your percentage of Zonders' successful oil deals.
When you open each deposit on the plans of 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%, you will receive + 5% to the amount of your deposit.
(The bonuses are accrued on all plans, except for the 106% plan, which operates in the mode of testing the system for beginners.)
The promotion is valid until 14:01, April 12, GMT
Join the successful Zonders team and earn money by selling oil.
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