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Get + 7% to the amount of the deposit on the plans of 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%

May 4, 2019 08:26

Dear investors!

The Zonders investment project is 200 days!
These are 200 days of continuous accrual of profits on the accounts of our investors!
This are 50 million dollars earned by users of our system.
These are 120,000 investors from around the world who have trusted us and joined our project.
Today, Zonders Company is represented on the world's largest trading floors and participates in the most significant international events. We have opened offices in the largest business centers of the world and are planning further expansion.
We are proud of the results achieved and thank all our investors and partners for their participation and support. We assure you that the highly professional Zonders team will continue to make every effort to maintain a leading position in the ranking of global trading companies and to ensure a consistently high income for the company and investors.
Today we are pleased to give you the opportunity to further increase your income through a bonus bonus.
When you open each deposit on the plans of 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%, you will receive + 7% to the amount of your deposit.
(The bonuses are accrued on all plans, except for the 106% plan, which operates in the mode of testing the system for beginners.)
The promotion is valid until 14:01 May 5 GMT
Join the successful Zonders team, build your reliable well-being and get continuous income.
Make money here and now with Zonders!