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Zonders Company has signed an investment insurance contract with the largest insurance company in the world.

Jun 5, 2019 10:18

Dear investors!

The Zonders project is the absolute leader in the industry for the duration of stable operation and uninterrupted interest accrual to system users. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of investors from different countries. This success is primarily due to the high degree of responsibility of the Zonders team and concern for the safety of our customers. The combination of guaranteed high profitability, minimal risks and maximum comfort for earnings, makes our project unique and popular all over the world.
To increase the safety of deposits and to protect the financial interests of our investors, Zonders Company has entered into a contract for $ 78,000,000 with the French insurance company AXA Group.
AXA Group is one of the largest insurance giants in the world, which has a systemic impact on the global economy. AXA was founded in 1817, and is the oldest insurance company with unwavering two hundred years of authority. Today, AXA Group operates in 61 countries and has more than 91 million customers, including now Zonders Company and all users of our investment project.
Under the investment insurance contract, the Insurer of AXA Group undertakes to reimburse Zonders LTD investors for losses incurred as a result of this event upon the occurrence of the event provided for in the contract due to non-receipt of expected income within the contractual amount of the insured amount.
Now, earning on the Zonders platform, you can be absolutely sure that your funds invested in our project will be reimbursed upon the occurrence of the insured event. The safety of your deposits is guaranteed by the largest insurance company in the world.
Join the proven Zonders investment project and get high returns without risk.
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