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Zonders Company has invested 20 million yuan in the construction of a new aluminum plant in Chongqing.

Jul 5, 2019 12:14

Dear investors!

The aluminum industry in terms of production and consumption ranks first among the sub-sectors of non-ferrous metallurgy.  But despite the fact that aluminum production in the world increases from year to year after continuously growing demand, the global aluminum market has entered a period of shortage.
The world demand growth is due, above all, to the rapid economic development of China, whose share in the total world consumption of aluminum is more than 50%.
According to calculations and forecasts, global consumption of aluminum will increase by 4–5% annually, which entails maintaining a deficit and a further increase in prices for this metal.
For the Zonders Trading Company, which, along with speculative transactions through futures contracts, is also a major supplier of aluminum, investing in China’s primary aluminum production in the long term, guarantees a stable high income and a solid future for the company and our investors.
We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with the Chinese private Bosai Minerals Group company, the largest manufacturer of aluminum products, and signed an agreement to invest 20 million yuan in the construction of a new aluminum plant in Chongqing with a capacity of 200 thousand tons of metal per year.
Join the successful Zonders team, invest with us in your solid future and get a steady income today.
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