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Zonders Company has participated in the 20th Asia Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC).

Jul 31, 2019 08:54

Dear investors!
The 20th Asia Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC 2019) was held with great success at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia from June 23 to 25 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.
The continuing growth in global energy demand is due to a global increase in population, urbanization and an increase in people's well-being.  Ensuring reliable and sustainable access to energy is a challenge for each country.  In the face of growing demand, oil and gas reserves located in areas remote from the centers of demand make future supplies increasingly expensive and difficult to access.  And the problems caused by climate change require a transition to more environmentally friendly, cleaner and more sustainable energy sources and decarbonization of the energy sector.  Technological breakthroughs are necessary to solve these problems.
Global energy is already undergoing structural changes.  The creation of a new energy future begins with a joint approach both inside and outside the industry.  In opening new channels to develop innovative solutions and search for new approaches, cooperation and partnership are key.
Asia Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC) is a platform where experts gather in the field of oil and gas energy and participate in strategic discussions to determine solutions in moving the industry forward.  This is the most important and expected oil and gas event in Asia.
The 20th AOGC was held under the slogan "Formation of a new energy future."
Zonders Company is a major supplier of hydrocarbons, and is represented on the main trading floors of the world.  Our specialists are constantly working on finding new ones, including technological solutions to maintain the competitiveness and relevance of the oil and gas sector.  The topics discussed at the 20th Asia Oil & Gas Conference are directly related to our professional activities.  And we have something to share with industry partners.
Our specialists took part in the AOGC 2019 conference and held interactive round tables on the topics of "Risk Management" and "Repositioning investment portfolios."  The forum was attended by such large companies as Shell, Mubadala Petroleum, PTT Group, Exxon Mobil, Conoco Philips, Repsol, HESS, Mitsubishi Corporation, Saudi Aramco, Terchnip FMC, TOTAL, Zonders and many others.  The conference gathered more than 7,100 participants from 39 countries and ended on a positive note.
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