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Bonus for 300 days of continuous work!Get + 8% to the deposit amount on the plans 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%

Aug 12, 2019 09:32

Dear investors!

Zonders celebrates 300 days of success.
150 thousand of our investors have already continuously received consistently high income for 300 days.  In addition to daily payments on deposits, regularly held promotions and affiliate programs allow users of our system to multiply their profits many times over.  For many investors, our project has become a major source of income and a solid foundation for a prosperous life.
We are proud that our work turned out to be so profitable for a huge number of investors from all over the world and allowed many people to improve their living standards and realize their dreams.
Zonders team celebrated 300 days of the project with a festive banquet and decided to distribute 8% of the company's profits among investors.
When you open each deposit on the plans of 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%, you will receive + 8% of the amount of your deposit.
(The bonuses are awarded on all the plans, except for the plan of 106%, which is valid in the system testing mode for beginners.)
The offer is valid until 14:01 on August 13 GMT
Join the successful Zonders team, make money easily, improve your standard of living and realize your dreams!
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