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Zonders Trading Company together with Shanghai Daily held a children's environmental contest.

Nov 30, 2019 15:03

Dear investors!

Trading company Zonders alongside speculative trading also enters into contracts for the supply of raw materials for power, metallurgy, food and auto industries. 
Modern business in the sectors of metallurgy and oil refining implies a responsible attitude towards maintaining favorable environment for present and future generations.
We understand that environmental education should start during childhood. Therefore, one of the goals of the company's environmental policy is to involve the younger generation in environmental protection activities.
Zonders together with Shanghai Daily held a competition aimed at raising younger people's awareness of environmental protection and introducing children to environmental issues. The competition was attended by students of primary, secondary and high schools in Shanghai.
Participants submitted their essays and videos to the contest and answered questions from the jury. The main topics of the competition were waste recycling, environmental pollution and ideas on how to make Shanghai and the whole world cleaner and greener. More than 1000 works were submitted to the competition.
The jury consisted of representatives of Shanghai authorities, university professors, environmental experts, Shanghai Daily journalists and representatives of Zonders.
The final stage of the competition and the award ceremony took place at the Shanghai Daily headquarters. The first three finalists received big cash prizes from Zonders. Their works will be published in Shanghai Daily.
Join the successful Zonders team and you will be involved in maintaining the health and prosperity of the planet.
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