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Get to +11.55% of the deposit amount on the plans of 106%, 122%, 156%, 170%, 225% and 350%

Dec 4, 2019 14:04

Dear investors!

As we reported earlier, Shanghai Zonders Affiliate joins the Iran-China Strategic Partnership and got the FIPPA Investment License.
Under the terms of the agreement between the countries, Chinese companies receive a guaranteed discount on raw materials and even compensation for risks from Tehran. The total discount from world prices reaches 32%.
As a partner, Shanghai Zonders Affiliate supply natural gas to China. Several deals on Iran-China futures contracts have already brought the company an additional profit of more than USD 20 million.
Upon receipt of additional high income, according to tradition, we hold a campaign and distribute part of the profit among our investors.
Take the unique opportunity to further increase your income and get a super high bonus on your account!
At the opening of each deposit, you will receive to the amount of your deposit:
- On the plan 122% - deposit bonus + 3.35%
- On the plan 122% - deposit bonus + 4.77%
- On the plan 156% - deposit bonus + 5.55%
- On the plan 170% - deposit bonus + 7.9%
- On the plan 350% - deposit bonus + 8.88%
- On the plan 225% - deposit bonus + 9.42%
- On the ZONDERS SPECIAL unlimited plan at 7.3% per day - deposit bonus + 11.55%
The promotion is valid until 14:01 December 5 GMT
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